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Value Creation for Customer! A gaint leap for furture and environment beyond 40 years of tradition! Do better tomorrow with excellent human resources and stat-of-the-art-technologies.
  • Company NameJEIL E&S Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman CEOKIM , CHI YEON
  • EstibalishOct. 1969
  • CapitalKRW 3,000 Milion
  • Address309, Chungnyeol-ro, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
  • Employees220 (As of Dec. 2011)
  • IT'S Creative Technology! JEIL E&S
  • JEIL E&S has been a leading company in the gasket, packing, Fluoroplastics, lining and engineering fields of business since it founded as Jeil Chemical Industry Co. in 1969. JEIL E&S has contributed for the national economic development.
    We established new plant in Qingdao China to expand production capacity and joint venture plants in Indonesia and Malaysia to mark as a global leading company beyond it's reputation as a 1st manufacturer of sealing products of all kinds in Korea.   JEIL E&S pioneered to produce semi-metallic gaskets national first in 1978 and Fluoroplastics products under the technical transfer agreement with Nippon Valqua (Japan) in 1990. We are marking as a competitive global company expanding our business in the fields of petrochemical, heavy industry and shipbuilding plant.
    Technology institute opened in 1995 made it possible to produce semiconductor related products by the qualified technical staffs' effort of tireless research & development. We cooperates with some of affiliate companies as 'Elring Klinger Korea located in Charyoung industrial complex in Changwon and JS TECH in Jinsa industrial complex in Sachon to develop environment wise cutting edge technology.
    Based on the experience and know-how accumulated in the field of sealing products during the last four decades, we remain one step ahead to meet the needs of global customers with advanced and creative quality products. That is our business philosophy to pursue the creative technology!
    Producing 5,000 tons of industrial compressed jointing sheets for a year!
    JEIL E&S SEAL business division has production capacity of more than 5 million spiral wound gaskets for a year!
    Calendering machines which manufactures the standard industrial compressed jointing sheets has diverse sizes of 50 inch and 108 inch wide state-of-the-art equipments to produce competitive products with tremendous R&D and facility investment.
    Especially in 1995, the cryogenic spiral wound gaskets which apply to LNG vessel approved by DNV(Det Norske Veritas), Lloyd's and Korean Register of Shipping prove that our products and technology are the best quality among companies in the same line of business.
    Our environmental management system which compliant with the strict international environment standards serves as a foundation to eliminate a possibility of danger around workers to build a safe working place.
  • JEIL E&S STARFLON business division commits the customized manufacturing system to meet the needs of customers in advance with competitive technology supplying cost-effective products!
  • With the progress of national semiconductor industry in 1990, Fluoroplastics business division has expanding it's solid business to extend factory in Hwasung securing systematic manufacturing lines and to meet the diverse expectations of customers from the standard types to various types requiring no fluid contamination.
    Especially the PTFE products are highly applied to diverse areas including Fluoroplastics Heat Exchanger of Honeycam tube construction which binding the small caliber tubes, semiconductor chemical tanks, medicine, steel mill and chemical industries.
    Our advanced technology of quality has proven through the development of sliding pad used in bridge and construction field and obtained a patent for inventing the electrolytic polishing drums which demands high application for all sorts of chemical vessels.
    Beyond customer satisfaction, fulfilling quality management to move the hearts of customers! That is our business philosophy!
  • Based on the experience and know how accumulated meanwhile, JEIL E&S Engineering business division carries out the turn key base process covering from design to construction!
  • JEIL E&S jumps up to be a specialized engineering company for Fluoroplastics such as PTFE & PFA lined tanks and relevant processing in the business of special Resins with our rich experience and advanced technology. We’ve been in partnerships with national leading engineering companies to provide products and facilities in the cutting edge new material industry area including semiconductor, LCD, steel mill, petrochemical and poly silicon. Based on the overseas construction projects experience in China and Indonesia, we explored the Middle East with national major construction companies to meet the expectations and needs of our customers providing high quality of services with advanced competitive technology and continuous innovation coupled with creative ideas.
    • Creative technology values human and earth environment! That is our business philosophy!
    • A company to meet the customers' needs and expectations with quality products!
    • A company places a high value on customers' confidence!
    • A company strives to be the world best and also tries to take a full social responsibility to make our society happy!
    • A giant leap for future and environment beyond 40 years of tradition!
      IT'S Creative Technology!
    • JEIL E&S always be your business partner!