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STARFLON®Lined & Coated Products, Envirnmentally Friendly Company, JEIL  E&S

Jeil has its own unique and advanced technology of lining process. According to complicated demands and application conditions of customers, Jeil can design and manufacture a variety of products with a wide range of material from fluoropolymer to thermoplastic material. Especially, the superior heat-resistant and chemical- resistant fluoropolymer linings(PTFE, PFA. Etc.) are provided to the customers with a highly efficient combination of advanced technical lining know-how.

Jeil’s Tank Lining and Vessel Lining show the superior performance under the wide service range of temperature and pressure by the excellent heat- resistant and chemical resistant properties of fluoropolymer. Accordingly, they are safely used for petro-chemical plants, chemical plants, pulp plants, metal plant, etc.

Jeil-aiming for more advanced technology and service is a forefront runner of Teflon coating field. Teflon firstly developed by DuPont, USA in 1930’s shows the superior performance in chemical resistance, nonadhesivesness and abrasive resistance. Teflon coating easily available for aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other materials are widely used for almost overall industrial fields by application methods of spray, powder coating, etc. Jeil technical department precisely performs a coating process with a combination of new material and new technology.