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Plant Engineering & Construction, Envirnmentally Friendly Company, JEIL  E&S

Today’s modern industry exhibits a tendency to precision, specialization and HI-tech. Especially, the advanced technology and its application capability are the most critical essences for the basic industrial field of plant engineering. Considering the technology as the most important asset of company, Jeil continuously has tried to introduce new materials and technology from advanced countries-U.S.A, Japan, European countries and to meet the requests of customers with highly valueadded products. Through the constant R&D and facilities updating, Jeil will perform a role of international market pioneer and leader with competition power in quality and technology.

Based on the technical know-how and experience meanwhile, Jeil performs the plant construction in the turn-key method from design to installation. Jeil’s long experience and advanced technology provide innovative and efficient facilities to the related industrial fields of chemicals, semi-conductor, ultra pure chemicals, etc.